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Our Insights & Analytics Success Stories

Know how we helped our customers to unlock the true value of the data

Our Data Analytics Expertise

Use the power of Data Analytics to make data driven business decisions, identify
intervention opportunities and beat the forecasted outcome

Whether it is identifying customer behaviour, customer buying patterns or making sales forecast or understanding business trends, data analytics helps businesses to understand the what has happened, the root cause, the symptoms and also predict the outcome.

Businesses can utilize this intelligence to make more data driven informed decisions, make better business strategies and can plan better for future challenges. Data analytics solutions development requires a very good expertise in data processing, building statistical models on the raw data. At Shyena Tech Yarns, our skilled machine learning engineers help you build some of the most complex statistical models required by the business

Our Data Visualization & Insights Expertise

Now make your data speak. Represent your qualitative & quantitative data into graphical
information for better business understanding and what-if scenarios

Data visualization is an art. Representing a raw data in the form of visuals in an easy to understand & easy to communicate information, requires domain expertise, great creativity, understanding of data and the data elements. Business leaders require day to day insights of the business health to drive and amend strategies. With our experienced team of Data Engineers & Data Visualization Experts, we help customers in creating logically designed insightful & pleasing dashboards for the senior business leaders to help them take data driven decisions.

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