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Our Generative AI Success Stories

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Our Generative LLM Expertise

Use our exceptional expertise in Natural Language Processing to integrate
the latest Large Language Models in business applications.

GPT 4.0

The most latest OpenAI’s Powerful LLM model with advanced capabilities of solving complex mathematical and scientific problems along with all the features of GPT 3.5. Trained on over 100 trillion parameters, it’s a multimodal model which can process Text and Image Prompts.

Stable Diffusion

Published by, the Stable Diffusion LLM can generates descriptive images from short prompts. It also allows to generate words within images. It can also be used for complex tasks inpainting, outpainting, and image-to-image using text prompts.

GPT 3.5

A set of OpenAI’s Powerful LLM model trained on over 175 billion parameters and short term memory of 8000 words, it is capable to generate accurate response text and code.


A powerful OpenAI model to generate and edit images based on natural language prompt.


Powered by the advanced version of PaLM 2, Google’s BARD can not only perform generative tasks like generating text, solving mathematical equations etc, it can also pull the information from web, realtime.


Embeddings are a numerical representation of text that can be used to measure the relation between two words or sentences. The model is useful for search, clustering, recommendations, anomaly detection, and classification tasks.


A powerful large language model by Meta, LLaMA 2 is trained on trillion parameters. It is capable of doing all the generative tasks similar to GPT and BARD.


An OpenAI Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model trained on 680,000 hours of multilingual data, Whisper can do real-time speech recognition to multilingual translations.


A content moderation model by OpenAI to identify and remove content in the text which are related to hate, threat, self-harm, sexual, violence etc


Promoted by Anthropic, Claude is a LLM trained on 52 billion parameters and is claimed to be a serious competitor to Chat GPT.

Prompt Engineering Services

We help to generate desired output from LLMs by applying our Natural Language expertise.

With our deep Natural Language processing expertise, we employ various to techniques to optimize and fine-tune large language models for particular text or image generation tasks to get more accurate outputs. We carefully construct prompts for the LLMs to enhance their performance on specific tasks.

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