With our innovated Accelerators
and Reusable Frameworks,

We delivery AI Powered solutions,
2X time faster

Our Computer Vision and Deep Learning Accelerators

Building AI models on Images or Videos is a complex task. Our Computer Vision & Deep Learning accelerators help to significantly cut down the time required to build the AI Powered Applications

Face Recognition

Defect Detection

Object Recognition

Health AI

Our Pre-trained Computer Vision and Deep Learning AI Models enable our customers to rapidly build the AI Powered application. We have a model re-training framework in place to periodically train the model on new set of images or videos as per the business needs.

Our Natural Language Accelerators

Our Natural Language based accelerators can help to rapidly build AI Solution, which are based on Text data.”

Intent Classification

Entity Recognition

Content Search

Text Summarization

Voice to Text Translation

Speaker Recognition

Businesses are generating massive Text data in the form of Email, Chats, Documents, Voice, Social Media, Whatsapp chats. By utilizing the power of AI, on top of this text data businesses are trying to automate tasks like email classification, understanding customer intents, customer feedback and more. Our AI Powered Natural Language Accelerators enable our customers to build NLP driven AI solutions 2X times faster. Right from Email Classification to understanding customer sentiments, our ready-to-use accelerators makes it super easy for our clients to build the complex AI solutions in record time.

Our Machine Learning Driven Predictive Accelerators

With our pluggable Predictive Accelerators, building the Forecasting Engine or Recommender Systems is super easy

Sales Forecasting

Demand Forecasting

Recommender System

Predictive Maintenance

Developing a sales forecast ML model or predictive maintenance ML model to predicting machine component failures, is a very complex task. It requires domain expertise as well as hands-on expertise in data pre-processing and machine learning. It takes several months to create a baseline model which could give a reasonable accuracy. With our Predictive Accelerators, this several months time to build the Forecasting model can be cut down significantly. Our proven data pre-processing framework, pluggable
forecasting models & model re-training framework make it very easy to build
AI Powered Forecasting Applications very rapidly.

Our Deep Learning Based DocDataExtractor Accelerator

Now extracting data from PDFs or Scanned document is almost effortless with our Deep Learning based DocDataExtractor Engine

Are you looking to automate your lending decisions or payment process?

The main challenge to automate such processes is extracting the data from PDFs or scanned images, with high extraction accuracy. This is exactly where our DocDataExtractor accelerator helps. It can easily extract data from any type of PDFs or scanned files.

These PDFs could be invoices, bank statements, balance sheets etc. We help our customers to not only extract the data from the PDF or scanned files, but we also help them to automate the complete work flow.

Our Streaming Data Framework

Enable real time analytics need for your business. Do the real time data integration heavy lifting with our proven streaming data framework

Video Stream

Audio Stream

IoT Stream

Text Stream

Data is the new currency. Business are making data driven decisions these days. However, some decisions must be made real time. It hence requires deeper expertise in handling stream data. For e.g. if the business use case is to help the customer support executive in handling customer objections, the customer audio conversation must be processed real time to give alerts to the supervisor who can then intervene and help the customer support executive to resolve the customer objections. Similarly, if the use case is to detect intrusion real time, it needs a solid streaming data pipeline to handle the live video feed from the cameras. With our Streaming data framework, building complex streaming big data pipeline becomes a simplified task.”

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