Challenges for Email Support Customer Service Desk

  • Customer experience is impacted if customer needs to wait for the response
  • This leads to poor customer satisfaction and may result in customer churn
  • The customer request gets assigned to incorrect, which results in missed SLA’s
  • Agents spend too much time to find and sort through customer emails
  • Too many man hours are wasted in non productive task
  • Agents spend significant time in the repetitive tasks
  • There is no monitoring and tracking mechanism available to check SLA’s and team performance


A Machine Learning based automated Email Classification Solution

Customer Experience Improvement for Leading Telecom Company

Business Problem :

The solution is implemented for customer service desk for B2B operations of leading telecom provide in India. They were monitoring 8 mail boxes related to Billing, Customer enquiry, Activation, Termination etc. It was a manual process and many times the emails were not replied on time or missed to reply. Also average handling time was significantly higher

Solution :

The solution is implemented on premise at customer site. The solution is customized to track specific KPI’s the customer wants to measure. There were total 8 categories in the scope. Initial version AI models were trained on 8 categories. These models were retrained in ongoing basis after 1 month for the period of initial 3 months. Entire solution was implemented in 6 weeks duration,

  • Reduced the load on the customer service
  • Increasing productivity when managing text requests
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Each email is tracked, so there were significant reduction in missed SLA’s
  • Reduction in average handling time per request