Our Manufacturing AI Solution : PPE

A Deep Learning Based Solution

Shop Floor Safety Challenges

  • Non-adherence to safety norms. Companies mandate the workers to wear certain safety gears, such as helmet, while they work on jobs which are risky in nature. Often, workers ignore the norms, which sometimes results in an accident
  • Hygiene non-adherence. Food industry requires highest level of hygiene. It mandates workers weak hand-gloves, hair caps, masks etc. Non compliance, could lead to massive penalties & impact on the brand.
  • Intrusion in High Risk Zone. Certain areas are designated as high risk areas. Sometimes workers accidently enter this risky zone, which can cost them dearly
  • Detect Fire & Smoke. Fire, if un-noticed, can cause a massive damage, both to the factory & the workers. Avoid the massive losses due to fire by detecting it early.
  • Manual CCTV Monitoring. The CC TV footage needs continuous monitoring by the security team which is humanly very taxing
Zero Monitoring Smart Shop Floor Surveillance

Industrial Safety & Compliance

PPE Compliance monitoring(Helmet,Goggles,Gloves,Shoes,Vest,Mask)

Industrial Safety – Smoke & Fire

Smoke Detection and Fire Detection

Business Benefits

Prevent accidents. Ensure worker safety.

Detect Non-compliances. Avoid Penalties.

Detect Un-attended Machines. Improve Productivity.

Detect Fire & Smoke. Avoid loss of human life / property / assets.

Case Study : Hygiene Compliance

For a food processing company in India

Business Problem :

A food processing company is a leading manufacturer of spices in India. From the food safety and hygiene perspective, it is important that all employees working in the plant must wear a cap and gloves to ensure proper hygiene and avoid any contamination. The manual monitoring approach is inefficient and result in compliance violations. Hence the client is looking for automated solution to detect compliance violations.

Technology Used :

Python, OpenCV, Tensorflow, Deep Learning

Solution :

Implemented video streaming analytics solution, where stream of camera data is processed in real time. The cap and gloves detection algorithm is implemented using Tensorflow. This solution is deployed at the edge to provide continuous monitoring of people wearing cap or not. In case person is not wearing cap, an immediate alert is sent to configured email, and SMS text. The mobile app is provided to receive alerts on the mobile app with image of detected compliance violation.