Conversational Intelligence

Transform customer experience with conversation intelligence:

Easily integrate advanced conversation intelligence capabilities into your contact center applications. Conversation Intelligence can work with both Audio & Video data

Key Use Cases
Agent Performance & Coaching:

Transcribe customer calls to identify top performers and model behaviors and tactics that produce the best outcomes. Make data-driven decisions to create effective customer playbooks with real results.

Call Quality Management:

Track sentiment and caller intent in real-time or asynchronously to surface customer dynamics that result in better CSAT and improve conversions.

Conversational Intelligence

A Machine Learning Based Speech Analysis Engine
Key Features:
  • Monitor and analyze all conversations
  • Automate Call Quality and the Feedback mechanism
  • Improve Quality of Service by Monitoring All Agent – to customer interactions
  • Reduce Overhead and Standard Operational Expenditures
  • Identify Cross-sell and Up-sell Opportunities
  • Dramatically improve Contact Center efficiency, Agent productivity and Customer Satisfaction